Sporting Clays

Sporting Clay Fees:

Member: $12.50/ 50, $25/100
Non-Member: $20/ 50, $38/100



Archery Fees:
Member: $2.75
Wingshooter: $3.75


Rifle Range

Marksmen can shoot almost any caliber rifle on our 50-yard paper target range. A person who wants the competitive challenge of long range shooting can still work out problems, test ammunition, sight in a firearm, train others and gain shooting experience by using a much smaller target to partially simulate a longer range. The casual shooter will enjoy the challenge of 50-yard shooting even more.

Coming soon: 100-yd rifle range.  Watch this page for updates!

Range Fees:
Member: $5.00 per day
Wingshooter: $7.00 per day


Pistol Range

Handgun shooting (recreational, self defense, or sport) is enjoyed by more people than all other types of firearms combined. With proper safety and shooting knowledge, anyone can become a skilled shooter with regular practice. Our new pistol range has 15 covered shooting stations. Shooters can shoot up to 25 yards. Paper targets only. A basic safety class, offered each Sunday afternoon at 2pm is required to use the pistol range. 

Range Fees:

Member: $5.00 per day.
Wingshooter: $7.00 per day.

***NOTE: The pistol range is temporarily closed so we can make improvements to the berm.



Skeet Fees:
Member: $3.75
Wingshooter: $5.75

Skeet is a Scandinavian word meaning ‘to shoot.’ Skeet is the most popular of three clay target sports currently available at the Tulsa Gun Club.

The game provides a variety of target presentations that represent the flights of various game birds from semi-straight away to crossing shots and from single shots to doubles.

The skeet field is a semi-circle approximately 42 yards wide by 21 yards deep

A round of skeet is made up of 25 targets shot from eight stations. Seven of these stations are equally spaced around the outside of the semi-circle and one (station eight) is centered along its base. The skeet field has two structures from which targets are thrown, a high house and a low house. The houses are located on opposite sides of the baseline of the semi-circle. The high and low refer to the relative positions of the target throwing machines.

Targets fly consistently at 12 to 15 feet over a center stake located halfway between the two houses and several feet to the outfield of station eight. Target presentations are from either the high house or the low house in singles and at some stations you also have doubles where a target is thrown from both houses at the same time.

Skeet shooting at the club comes in two varieties, the first being International or Olympic style. The second, and the most popular at the club, is American style.

In American style the shooter may pre-mount their shotgun and targets are thrown within one second of the call by the shooter. In International style, the gun butt stock must be at the shooters hip height until the target appears. The targets are released between zero and three seconds after the call. Target presentations vary from those in American skeet and the targets fly about 50% faster than those in American skeet.

Skeet shooting can improve your wing-shooting and is great practice during and after bird season. Skeet is not gender specific nor is it age specific, it is a sport for everyone.

If you’re interested in trying Skeet, the Tulsa Gun Club has plenty of shooters that will introduce you to the sport and plenty of fields to shoot on.

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