Dan DetmerDan Detmer is National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) Certified Shotgun Instructor, Level  1  – Beginners.   If you would like to learn the games of skeet, trap, or 5-stand or improve your hunting skills, please give Dan a call.  Learning the fundamentals of shotgun shooting can enhance your enjoyment of the shotgun sports and improve your success while hunting.  Dan will teach you the three basic ‘lead’ techniques, proper gun fit, learn the different ‘chokes’ and which choke you should use, the correct way to hold a shotgun,  ‘pattern’ your gun, which type of shotgun is right for you, and more.  Regarding skeet and trap, there are fundamentals to be learned and employed at each station.  Learning these fundamentals and having a solid and proven game plan will have you breaking more birds and bring more enjoyment from the game.   Ask about shooting the 5-Stand game at the Tulsa Gun Club where you will add to your skill set – this will help your Dove and Pheasant shooting.   A variety of shotguns can be rented for the lesson.  Hourly rates apply and discounts for more than one person per lesson. Contact Dan at 918-627-2006 ordan@FirearmsOnTarget.com to schedule a lesson.