1. . Always be sure the path to the target and beyond is clear before drawing your arrow.
  2. Never point an arrow at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  3. Arm guards and finger tabs or similar equipment are highly recommended.

​Participants are encouraged to have their own protective equipment.

  1. Make sure your equipment, bow, bowstring, arrows, and guards, are in proper working condition.
  2. Place an arrow in the string only when you are ready to take a shot. Do not walk, run or turn around with a mounted arrow.
  3. Make sure no one is near enough to your bow when it is released as to be hurt. Always be aware of danger areas of arrows and bow tips.
  4. Arrows, when shot, can be dangerous penetrating weapons. Never, under any circumstances point a mounted arrow in an unsafe direction.
  5. Under no circumstances is an archer to step in front of the shooting line to retrieve an arrow while others are shooting even if they’re shooting at a nearby station.
  6. When behind target area lean bow against target to indicate your presence.
  7. On field archery or a 3-D course stay on path and travel correct direction.

“Safety is everyone’s business”

Safety glasses and ear protection mandatory in all shooting areas

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