Trap Fees:
Member: $5.00
Non-Member: $10.00

Trap is a very popular sport both here in the U.S.A. and Internationally. There are two basic games in trap. They are International or Bunker style and American style trap. Here at Tulsa Gun Club, we shoot American style which includes four variations.

Singles – Trap shot from the 16 yard line. Targets are released from a trap house located 16 yards in front of the shooters. The targets rise to between 8 and ten feet at 30 feet from the trap house and travel at various angles that are unknown to the shooters prior to calling for the target.

Up to five shooters line up at the 16 yard line at five different stations and starting with the first shooter each calls for a target, takes a shot and then the next shooter shoots, this continues until each shooter has taken five shots at which time they move to the next station and repeat the process until all shooters have shot on each station for a total of 25 targets.

This is the basic form of American trap and has more participants than the other variations.

Handicap – This is shot in the same manner as singles trap  but from longer yardages. These shooter stations are normally between 18 yards and 27 yards depending on the skill of the shooter.

Doubles – This variation is shot from the 16 yard line. Two targets are thrown simultaneously and the target angles are fixed. The rotation is the same as in singles and handicap, shooters load two shells at a time, shoot their pair, then the next shooter shoots and the process continues. Doubles is usually a fifty bird event.

Wobble – This is normally shot in the same manner as the singles event. The only difference being that the height of the targets vary between lower and higher than those in singles.

Trap shooting is great practice for wing shooters and allows the shooters a chance to stay familiar with their shotguns

Tulsa gun club members are available and would be glad to introduce you to this clay target sport. Just ask!

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