Five Stand Fees:
Member: $6.00
Non-Member: $12.00


Five stand is similar to sporting clays in that targets come from various throwers at many diverse angles. The name, ‘Five Stand’ is derived from there being five stands that the shooters stand in while shooting the game.

At the Tulsa Gun Club the five stand is located on one of our skeet fields as an optional game. The Tulsa Gun Club layout has six portable machines, plus the skeet high and low houses which gives us a total eight machines that allow for different target presentations. We can also change the position of the portable machines in order to have an even larger variety of possible presentations.

At the Club there are several five stand games that allow new or experienced shooters presentations that challenge their skills. Shooting the five stand at Tulsa Gun Club is an experience that all shotgun shooters will find fun, humbling, but fun.

Check in at the clubhouse to get started.  There are normally other shooters available to show you how the games are shot.

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