The Tulsa Gun Club has a good safety record and would like to keep it that way. As a member, we want you. your guests and our visitors to have a safe and enjoyable shooting experience at our club whether it’s to shoot archery, shotgun, rifle or pistol, or to watch these shooting sports. Safety is, and should be, our first concern and as such, we have herein listed our basic safety rules. Remember, no set of rules can cover all possible situations. The safe and rational use of archery equipment and firearms depends on the common sense and proper training of the user. Always follow safety rules and think before you act.

  • All weapons are assumed loaded – always point them in a safe direction. at this club “up” is not a safe direction. Always verify that weapons are unloaded when picking them up or when they are handed to you.
  • ALWAYS THINK SAFETY. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of those around you. Anyone who observes an unsafe act should immediately take action by politely correcting the individual or individuals involved, calling for a cease-fire, or notifying the club manager, whichever is applicable.

    a. No one under 16 is allowed to shoot rifle or shotgun without adult supervision.  No one under 18 is allowed to shoot pistol without adult supervision.
    b.Thoroughly read your weapon’s instruction manual.
    c. “Know your weapon” before loading or stringing it the first time. Know how to open and close the action for example, and how to remove ammunition.
    d.Be sure your weapon is safe to operate.
    e.Remember your firearm “safety” is a mechanical device and it can malfunction. You are the primary safety.
    f.  Make sure you have the correct ammunition for your firearms.
    g. All spectators must stay out of and behind the shooting areas.
    h.Ensure that all guns are free of obstructions before loading.

Obstructions can cause a firearm to explode.

Before opening fire and during shooting activities be on alert for person, or things in the line of fire even to the left or right but forward of firing line.( This would be an emergency cease-fire situation.)

Keep your gun unloaded and action open at all times except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot. This includes when you are bringing a gun from your vehicle to the shooting area or back to your vehicle. The only exception is when the gun is in a shotgun rack or case. The gun action can be closed, but must be reopened when it is taken from the rack or case.

Black Powder guns to remain uncapped and on half cock until at the firing line with the gun pointed down range.

Arrows are to remain off string until shooting.

  • Any gun carried over the shoulder must be carried with the barrel forward.
  • All persons at the range MUST wear proper eye and ear protection! This  includes guests, spectators and workers. You should be wearing these before entering a shooting area. NOTE: Shooting glasses that give best protection are those that cover all around the eye area.
  • You are 100% responsible for your guest. It is up to you to give them a safety briefing.
  • NEVER LOAD YOUR WEAPON except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot. Always unload your gun completely of both live and fired shells and open the guns’ action before turning around and walking off the station. If it is necessary to turn around to talk,  ask a question or there is any hold-up while shooting the guns action should be open or the arrow removed from the bow,  Always keep your focus and your weapon pointed down range when loading, loaded or preparing to fire.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
  • Always be sure the path to the target and beyond is clear.
  • No smoking, food or drink in shooting areas.
  •   Do not shoot wildlife on club property.
  • In case of gun malfunction, If you have a live round that cannot be extracted, gun must be pointed down range   until cleared. Get assistance from range officer or club manager.
  • In case of a misfire, keep gun pointed down – range and wait at least 30 seconds (muzzleloaders, 2 minutes) before opening action.
  • No intoxication, intoxicating beverages or drug impairment is permitted on or near the range.
  • Never transport a loaded gun.
  • The Tulsa Gun Club provides novice training. If you or someone you know wants training, speak with the Club Manager.
  • Clean up spent shotgun hulls and pistol/rifle brass when finished shooting and the firing line is clear.
  • Put all litter in trash barrels. Leave the range in better condition than you found it.
  • In all instances not covered by established safety rules, the decision and direction of the club management will be final.
  • Conduct yourself as a gentleman or lady at all times.

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