Tulsa Gun Club Board of Directors

Tulsa Gun Club Board of Directors

Rex Powers : Club Manager

Rex Powers

Club Manager

I am an avid lifetime shooter. Like many of you, I started my shooting career hunting game birds as a boy and migrated to the skeet and trap fields. I have pursued shooting for many years, traveling around the Untied States in the process. In addition to shooting, I've also handled the day-to-day operations of a large gun club for the past five years.

I believe that my love of shooting sports and my managerial experience will enable me to deal with any issue that might arise. And if I cannot fix the problem myself, rest assured that I will find someone who can! My promise is that I and the staff will make every effort to make your visit an enjoyable one.

A personal objective for me is to make sure that anyone who visits the Tulsa Gun Club, member and nonmember alike, is treated like a guest. Everyone should enjoy their visit enough so when they leave they will look forward to returning. I will also make it a top priority to increase membership and to increase shooting in every discipline the club offers.

If you have any questions about the Tulsa Gun Club, your membership, or would just like to get to know me better, please don't hesitate to call. Better yet, stop by. I’d love to meet you.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon!

Matt Riggin : President

Matt Riggin


Matt has been a member of TGC for about nine years.  He was first exposed to the game of skeet in high school while working for SportsWorld.  It was not until many years later that he started shooting on a regular basis, at first to improve his bird hunting skills and later simply because shooting is so much fun.  Matt shoots registered skeet and is a National Skeet Shooting Association level one instructor.  In addition to his activities around the club, Matt enjoys quail and pheasant hunting with his Brittany and deer hunting.

Rick Fleenor : Vice President

Rick Fleenor

Vice President

Wendell Fichtner : Treasurer

Wendell Fichtner


Scott Schmidt : Secretary

Scott Schmidt


Scott was introduced to the game of skeet by his uncle a few years ago.  This addicting sport lead him to Tulsa Gun Club and as they say...the rest is history.  In addition to skeet, he enjoys shooting trap and pistol at the club.  Scott's other hobbies include bird hunting, fishing, and playing bluegrass or Irish music.  Scott is working to increase the club's public visibility and membership through the use of social media.

Dennis Sixkiller : Board Member

Dennis Sixkiller

Board Member

Dennis has been a member of TGC for about ten years. He always wanted to try to shoot skeet since seeing it on TV as a youngster. He’s been an avid rabbit hunter for the last 18 years, running beagles.   A gentleman that lived across the street from him told him about Tulsa Gun Club, and Dennis ventured out to see what he could do. TGC member Lewis Schnell showed him the ropes and after he broke his first 25 Dennis ventured over to the trap field to learn that game too. Currently, he is trying his hand at the 5-stand field and on occasion he shoots pistols and rifles.  He thinks Tulsa Gun Club is Tulsa’s greatest secret and wants to get the word out there about our club.

Bill Nix : Board Member

Bill Nix

Board Member

Scott McAuley : Board Member

Scott McAuley

Board Member

Scott joined the the club six years ago when he first shot sporting clays with a friend in Nebraska. He found he enjoyed shooting and first started on trap and then moved on to skeet. Scott also likes to pheasant, quail or duck hunt and fish. Scott has introduced many activities to the the club like dove hunts and european hunts as well as an annual fish fry. He would like to see more members get involved and take ownership of the club.

Rick Lamberson : Board Member

Rick Lamberson

Board Member

Jeff Johnson : Board Member

Jeff Johnson

Board Member

Jeff Johnson is an avid outdoorsman and hunts quail, pheasant, dove and ducks in that order of preference. He started shooting skeet about a decade or so ago but more seriously the last few years and especially enjoys five stand. Jeff has been instrumental along with Scott McAuley in organizing and promoting the annual dove and european style pheasant hunt as well as other fundraising activities. He’s keenly interested in improving and maintaining the new fishing pond and has worked in that area for the benefit of the members and especially their children and grandchildren. Jeff is an enthusiastic and effective recruiter of new members. Other interests include fishing and playing keyboards in the classic rock and oldies cover band Vintage Five.